Schools, Colleges & Clubs

We have worked with a range of clubs and societies including gardening, walking and youth clubs. We can travel to them and give an introductory talk with seaweed tastings. Or more often they travel to us for the foreshore experience, we will also take groups to their nearest suitable foraging shore.

We can also run tailored seaweed courses for 3rd level colleges and give hands on workshops to primary and secondary schools throughout County each year.

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seaweed forage


…the staff,pupils & parents engaged totally with the Seaweed walk…and enjoyed delicious treats too.

Johanna Galvin

Principal , Scoil Eoin National School, Tahilla, Co Kerry

” the hands on experience foraging the shoreline with John really intrigued the students, opening their minds to the wonderful array of Seaveg growing on our shores……..the selection of dishes Kerryann prepared revealed how tasty and versatile seaweeds can be”
Daniel Browne

Culinary Lecturer, Institute of Technology Tralee, Co Kerry

…a most interesting and engaging experience……enjoyed some super tasty seaweed nibbles made  by Kerryann.

Doreen O Neill

Iveragh Flower and Garden Club, Portmagee, Co Kerry