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Presenter Mary Kennedy joins John and Kerryann Fitzgerald on a Seaweed Tour in beautiful Derrynane. They tell her of the historical significance and nutritional benefits of these ocean plants. Afterwards Mary gets to taste a delicious seaweed buffet made from all she helped forage along the shoreline.

I’ll get by with a little kelp from my friends

I’ll get by with a little kelp from my friends

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The Irish Times enjoyed one of our seaweed workshops:

There can be few more pleasurable ways to acquire a spot of Latin than wading through cool, clear Atlantic waves off a southwest Kerry beach.

In checked shirt, shorts and neoprene bootees, our teacher has all the knowledge and enthusiasm of a David Attenborough and all the wide-eyed verbosity of inventor Doc Brown in Back to the Future as he wields a knife below the waterline.

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Seaweed for the People

All about SEAWEED: where to find it, how to eat it and the stories it holds. A walk along the Ring of Kerry with seaweed forager John Fitzgerald of Atlantic Irish Seaweed.