Boat Trips


Catch and Picnic on your own Sashimi & Ceviche around the Islands of Derrynane Bay on the Skellig coast of The Wild Atlantic Way. Join certified boatman John Fitzgerald at Derrynane Harbour and voyage to the nearby islands where we will catch and enjoy a fish feast. Our first catch will be prepared and placed in our chilled Ceviche mix where it will sit while we catch our first course which will be sliced to give us the worlds freshest Sashimi, to be enjoyed with Wasabi, Ginger and Shoyu, all washed down with chilled Elderflower Champagne or a refreshing Water Kefir.

The Fish Feast-Picnic can take place either on board or on one of the Islands! Lastly we try to land some fish for you take home!

Lifejackets, Fishing lines etc provided

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